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Addition of an to local anesthetics improves the quality of nerve block and reduces the need for postoperative intake. The study was aimed to compare the efficiency of versus as to local mixture in plexus block. The study included 45 patients scheduled for ambulatory upper extremities operations under the plexus block. The patients were allocated to three equal groups (n=15): (i) Group C: patients received 30 of local anesthetics ( 0.5% + 2% 1:1 mixture) + 2 ml normal saline. (ii) Group D: patients received 30 volume of local anesthetics ( 0.5% + 2% 1:1 mixture) + 8 mg 0.4% (2 ). (iii) Group N: patients received 30 of ( 0.5% + 2% 1:1 mixture) +10 mg (completed to 2 with normal saline). We compared the duration of postoperative analgesia, total consumption, and complications in the first 24 hours. Statistically significant prolongation in the duration of analgesia was noticed in group D and group N with the least consumption in group N. Addition of or to / mixture can prolong the duration of analgesia and reduce consumption after plexus block.


Brachial plexus dexamethasone nalbuphine

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Mohamed Gaber Mohamed El-Sayed, Ahmed Mohamed Salama, Ayman Abd-El Salam Hassan, & Fatma Mahmoud Ahmed. (2020). Brachial Plexus Block For Ambulatory Upper Limb Surgeries: Comparison of the Effects of Nalbuphine Versus Dexamethasone: Prospective, randomized, double-blinded, controlled clinical trial. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2626-2631.