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Due to the lure backs of synthetic drugs that are being used medical field has turned over to the traditional medicine which are devoid of side effects and major adverse effects. So that Herbal drugs were seen as probable replacements for the handling of PUD without showing side effects and equaling the treatment efficacy. The literature review on investigations of antiulcer activity of various plant drug, the present investigation was carried out to investigate the antiulcer potential, chemical constituents present in the methanol extract of traditional plant Breyniavitis-idaea. Gastric ulcers in experimental animals were brought by four different models like  Ethanol(Alcohol)  induced, NSIDS (Indomethacin) induced, Pylorus ligation method and Cold resistant stress induced method by comparing with the standard drug namely omeprazole (20mg/kg) which exhibited the dose dependent capacity of the extract (125mg/kg,250mg/kg, 500mg/kg) and also the biochemical parameters like ALP, GSH, pH and Gastric volume contents were estimated in all the selected groups (Design of Experiment). The results obtained from the study has helped to identify that 500mg/kg of plant extract has gastro protective effect in all the chosen models in comparison to the omeprazole (20mg/kg) standard drug. Owing to the prevalence of different phytoconstituents like poly phenols and flavonoids shown the dose dependent potent gastroprotective activity.


Breyniavitis-idaea Ethanol induced Indomethacin induced Pylorus ligation Cold resistant stress Dose Dependent

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Poojitha M, Saravanakumar A S, & Satyanarayana S V. (2020). Gastroprotective effect of leaves of Breyniavitis-Idaea. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2519-2524.