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Nanoparticulate drug delivery system are the rapidly developing system, and nanoparticles are present in the size range of 1-100nm. Nanoparticles composed of various thermal, electrical, and optical property. Nanoparticles offers the potential advantages over the traditional dosage forms it is ascribable to the properties of nanoparticles. Nanoparticulate drug delivery system ensures the site-specific delivery of a drug(Targeting drug delivery) and aids in improving the efficacy of the new as well as old drugs and has the potential in crossing the various physiological barriers and also improves the therapeutic index of the drugs and increases the patient compliance. The objectives of this review is to classify the nanoparticles based on the different groups, surface properties of nanoparticles, describe the strategies of drug targeting, the necessity of nanoparticles their general method of preparation, different methods used in characterization, self- assembly and mechanism of drug release in a systemic manner. The potential advantages and limitations of various nanoparticulate drug delivery systems are also discussed elaborately.


Nanoparticles Site-specific drug delivery Bioavailability Therapeutic index Advantages

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Sindhuja Devaraj, & Ganesh GNK. (2020). Nanoparticulate targeted drug delivery systems - A Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2505-2518.