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Klebsiella pneumoniae is a significant concern multidrug-resistant microorganism and a one common gram negative bacteria associated with infections of women urinary tract. Therefore, this work aimed to the molecular screening of Sul(1and 2), Gyr(A and B) and OXA genes among K. pneumoniae isolates in Najaf City, Iraq. Out of 250 urine specimens were collected from women showing symptoms of urinary tract infection during five months January to of May 2019, bacterial growth was157 isolates, included 133 gram negative compared with  24 gram positive bacteria while 98 specimens were no growth. According to the Vitek-2 system, 30 K. pneumoniae isolates were obtained.Data on current work revealed that the 26-35 age group was the highest 14 K. pneumoniae isolates. Results of antimicrobial susceptible recorded all isolates were multi-drug resistant (MDR) and they have a different range of resistance. However, all 30 isolates(100%) resistant to ampicillin drugs, while the lowest rate was 1(3.33%) forImipenemdrug. PCR assay revealed exist of oxa, sul-1, sul-2, gyr-A and gyr-B genes among K. pneumoniae isolates with rates 20(66.66%), 11(36.66%), 22(73.33%), 3(10%) and 17(56.66%) respectively.


UTI oxa sul-1 sul-2 gyr-A gyr-B K. pneumoniae

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Saaid Tuwaij, N. S., Al-khilkhali, H. J. B., & Mohsen, H. M. (2020). Prevalence of SUL(1,2), GYR(A, B) and OXA genes among multidrug resistance Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates recovered from women suffering urinary tract infection. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2424-2432.