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Pain is the first general cause of consultation in most medical specialties, being also the most frequent cause of suffering and disability that seriously affects the quality of life of millions of people in the world. The aim is toevaluate the effectiveness of the use of ketorolac and metamizole in the treatment of postoperative acute adenotonsillectomypain in children.An interventional clinical trial study included 80children who were optionally subjected to adenotonsillectomy, within the age in the ranged from 5 to 12 years of age. Patients divided in two groups according to the analgesic regimen they received in the operating room, 40 children received Metamizole and 40 children received Ketorolac. In the Ketorolac group, 67.5% did not experience post-anesthetic recovery on the Ocher scale, and 32.5% had mild to moderate pain (1 to 6). In the Metamizole group, 27.5% of children reported no pain, and 72.5% rated their pain as mild to moderate. The degree of pain relief measured on the Oucher scale was higher in patients receiving Ketorolac (p <0.001). We concluded thatKetorolacis reducing postoperative pain significantly than metamizole in children undergoing to Adeno-tonsillectomy.


Adeno-tonsillectomy ketorolac postoperative pain metamizole

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Yasir Fadhil Muhammad Ali Alkhazraji, Hassan Haseeb Abed, & MassraIhssan Abdullah. (2020). A comparative study between Ketorolac versus Metamizole in the Treatment of acute postoperative pain in children undergo adenotonsillectomy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2355-2359.