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Targeted delivery of the drug at site of action in case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease like colitis is the big challenge for formulators. The case where conventional drug delivery fails in severe stages of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Nanoparticles is good dosage form to targeted inflammatory site. The idea of the this research was to prepare Nanoparticles with polymer Eudragit S100 and Surfactant Poloxamer containing Budesonide which finally filled in capsules providing immediate release at the ileocecal site, the most affected area in IBD i.e. pH dependent release. Nanoparticles are prepared by nanoprecipatation technique. Budesonide was used as a drug because of its therapeutic potential for in IBD. This study compares the different ratios of drug to polymer and drug to surfactant with optimized solvent and antisolvent concentration in preparation of Nanoparticles. Optimized formulation ratio of drug to polymer was 1:2 and drug to surfactant was 1:1. The optimized batch of nanoparticles was filled in capsule and was evaluated for in-vitro studies.


Budesonide Capsule Eudragit S100 Colitis Nanoparticles

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Shrikrishna D Gite, Kishor S Salunkhe, Ravindra B Chintamani, & Shubhangi S G. (2020). Development and evaluation of colon targeted delivery of budesonide polymeric nanoparticles for colitis therapy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2265-2277.