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Floating tablets prolongs drug residence , enhance bioavailability and facilitate effective eradication of helicobacter pylori includes local delivery of antibiotic in stomach. The goal of the existing research changed into to formulate thermally sintered floating Tablets of Amoxicillin Trihydrate, and to test sintering effect on release of drug and floating. A hydrophobic polymer, Carnauba wax, is determined to delay the release of drug as a sintered polymer. Formulations had been organized via granulation technique and had been evaluated through in vitro research such as hardness, friability, uniformity of weight, percentage drug content, buoyancy time, dissolution and release mechanism. Optimization was based on buoyancy time and in vitro release. Hardness ranged from 4-6 kg/cm2. Friability, drug content and weight variation passed USP requirements. Buoyancy time of all tablets was below 3 min and tablet remained floating throughout the study. Effects showed that temperature to sinter and exposure time significantly motivated buoyancy, in addition to dissolution characteristics. Sintering improved floating properties, general time of floating was extended and retarded release of medicament .  Robust sintered components (sintering temperature 50°C and time of exposure 4 h became selected, primarily based on retarding character. The formulations characterised with FTIR studies and no interplay become determined between the drug and the polymer.


Amoxicillin Trihydrate Carnauba wax Gastro retentive Thermal sintering

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Rajesh Akki, Angala parameswari S, & Kothapalli Bannoth Chandra sekhar. (2020). Development, optimization and In vitro evaluation of sintered floating tablets of Antibacterial drug. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1888-1895.