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This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of levothyroxine combination therapy on blood glucose level in hypothyroidism  patients. The Study was carried out in a private hospital at Tiruchengode as prospective observationally. Patients who were under the management of thyroid disorder and diabetes mellitus for 1 year period was screened and selected for the study. Effect of levothyroxine on blood glucose level and using a Mini mental state examination questionnaire their cognitive skills were also assessed. Independent sample t' test was used to compare the blood glucose level and complication of the management. There were 42 patients were included in the study and the patients who were on Levothyroxine and Glimepride with Metformin labeled as Group 1 and Glimepride with Metformin alone was labeled as Group 2. Glimepride with metformin therapy shows greater percentage of blood glucose level reduction and significant p<0.05 cognitive impairment was found in the combination therapy. Diabetes mellitus management with levothyroxine and glimepride with metformin has an association on the managing blood glucose level. Efficient management of blood glucose level was obtained with glimepride with metformin alone. Cognition impairment was high in the combination therapy of levothyroxine and glimepride with metformin.


Blood Glucose level Hypothyroidism Cognitive impairment

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Anandkumar S., & Shanmugapandiyan P. (2020). Combined effect of Levothyroxine and Oral Hypoglycemica agents on blood glucose level in hypothyroidism patients- A Prospective Observational Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1870-1873.