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Facts over microorganisms to predominate periodontitis, shifting of human microbiota by Dimocarpus longan (D. longan) plant, and potentiation of antimicrobial activity by biosynthetic silver nanoparticles (SNPs) intended present study to biosynthesize, optimize, characterize and evaluate the antimicrobial potential of silver nanoparticles (SNPs) obtained using D. longan leaves aqueous extract (DLLAE). Study involved preparation of DLLAE using decoction method. The DLLAE was subjected to biosynthesis of SNPs followed by optimization (using UV-Visible spectrometry), characterization (by FTIR, FESEM, XRD, and EDX), stability, and antimicrobial activity of SNPs against periodontitis triggering human microflora. Biosynthesized SNPs exhibited signal between 416-453 nm. Optimization study established AgNO3 concentration (5 mM), pH 4, DLLAE and AgNO3 ratio (1:9) and temperature (60°C) as parametric requirement for SNPs biosynthesis using DLLAE. Stability study exhibited signal between 489-553 nm supporting SNPs stability. Characterization data of FESEM showed that SNPs were poly dispersed, and spherical shaped. Biosynthesized SNPs size ranged from 74.82 nm to 131.5 nm. The XRD data revealed presence of signals at 38.08°, 44.33°, 64.47°, and 78.83° 2θ values indexed to silver cubic structure planes. In EDX study, silver exhibited strong signal (55.54%). Antimicrobial investigation explored the high inhibitory potential of SNPs against B. subtilis and P. aeruginosa; and low inhibitory potential against S. aureus and E. coli. Present study conclude that biosynthesis of SNPs using DLLAE is an efficient method and biosynthetic SNPs possess high antimicrobial potential against P. aeruginosa and B. subtilis the periodontitis triggering pathogens.


SNPs D. Longan Optimization Characterization Antimicrobial

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Chin Zi Hang, Neeraj Kumar Fuloria, Oh Jian Hong, Chuah Bee Kim, Bernice Yii Shu Ting, Chiam Sin Ru, Mok Yong Ko, & Shivkanya Fuloria. (2020). Biosynthesis of DLLAE blended silver nanoparticles and their response against periodontitis triggering bacteria. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1849-1856.