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The effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in increasing the rate of conservative breast therapy and associated with reducing morbidity and better cosmetic has been fully acknowledged. Now, there are commonly used neoadjuvant chemotherapy for operable early breast carcinomas patients. Currently, neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used for locally advanced breast carcinoma, inflammatory breast cancer, and down staging of the large tumor to allow for breast conservative therapy. A prospective study performed in the department of surgery in Al-Sadder Medical City/Najaf city/Iraq, from the …….. of October 2015 to the 1st of October 2018, where 48 patients presented with a breast cancer diagnosis by clinical examination, Mammography, breast ultrasound, chest x-ray, bone scan, serum CEA, CA15_3 level, the initial diagnosis of breast cancer made by core needle biopsy. Breast saving surgery consisted of wide local excision with a safe margin with standard level I, II lymph node of axilla dissection. The resected specimen and lymph node was sent for histopathological examination; the size, width, length &height dimension were recorded and the resection margin was recorded positive if close to 2mm and negative if >2mm tumor-free margin. The 48 patients enrolled in this study with a mean age at diagnosis of 44.6 ± 8.4 years. 34 patients received neoadjuvant chemotherapy, Locoregional recurrence reported in 4 patients (28.6%) not received neoadjuvant chemotherapy (P. value < 0.001), the higher relapse rate was reported significantly in the cases aged more than 50 years compared to those aged 50 years or below (P. value = 0.05, significant). Neoadjuvant chemotherapy decreases the incidence of locoregional recurrence of early breast carcinoma after breast-conserving surgery.


Breast conserving surgery adjuvant chemotherapy local recurrence Breast carcinoma neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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Mohamed Al-Hakkak, S. M., Mijbas, S. A.- razq, salman Al-Bdiri, N. A., & Abadi AL-Aquli, H. A. (2020). Evaluation of locoregional recurrence in patients with early breast carcinoma post-breast-conserving surgery with and without the use of preoperative chemotherapy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1824-1830.