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With the increased interactivity and sophistication of apps, more specialty-specific apps are continuously invented with intentions to simulate the operative technique in a step-by-step approach. AppSurgeOn Neurosimulator, Vol. I is the first 3D neurosurgical simulator for use on smartphones and tablets. A 59-year male presented to the emergency department of another hospital with the sudden disturbed level of consciousness. Radiology showed a complex anterior communicating artery aneurysm that requires surgical clipping. The surgery was conducted fluently, then the patient improved gradually and discharged fully conscious with no neurological deficit. Our initial experience with this app shows that it is a helpful tool for not only the neurosurgeon but the entire team and the patient’s family. The single platform is diverse and has numerous applications, including simulation, planning and education. It provides the surgeon with a degree of surgical rehearsal in preparation for a case, which in turn offers increased operative speed and precision. Such preoperative familiarity promotes mastery of the whole procedure, from patient positioning to dissection. AppSurgeOn facilitates the explanation of the procedure to the patients and their family through the use of its intuitive 3D model and visually approachable spatial representation. The AppSurgeOn – Neurostimulator Vol. I mobile app represents a realistic adjunct for complex neurosurgical procedures and can have an immense impact on the delivery of care and the potentials for patient satisfaction


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Hoz, S. S., Al-Sharshahi, Z. F., Sabah, M. A., & AlBanaa, S. A. (2020). A Case Report of an AppSurgeOn-Assisted Complex Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery: A New Frontier for Education and Operative Planning. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1819-1823.