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The present study is aimed to formulate, characterization, and evaluate oral immediate-release tablets of Ethosuximide. It is employed as an anti-epileptic agent used in the treatment of epilepsy, in all the age groups who were≥ 1 year. The dosage form is formulated by directly compressing the blend and granulating the powder blend by wet granulation methods. The optimized formulation is achieved by the trial and error method by changing the concentration of lactose monohydrate and di-basic calcium phosphate dehydrate as diluents, sodium starch glycolate as Super-dis-integrant, rice Starch as an intra-granular binder, hydroxypropyl cellulose as binder talc as a lubricant. Evaluation parameters such as micrometric properties, disintegration time along with in-vitro drug release studies were performed for characterizing the dosage form. In-vitro drug release studies were carried out using 0.1 N HCl as dissolution media with 75 rpm and temperature of 370C ± 50C by employing USP apparatus II (Paddle type). Estimation of the % drug release of the tablet was carried out using the UV method. The prepared formulation and the marketed formulation were tested for the in-vitro drug release profile and the prepared formulation was compared with the marketed formulation. All the evaluated result was found to be within the specifications. Therefore, from the obtained evaluation results F6 trail was selected as the best formulation.


Anti-epileptic drug Epilepsy Immediate Release In-vitro dissolution studies disintegration

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M, N. S., Mehta, K. K., Patil, A. B., & Vajhala, A. (2020). Formulation, Characterisation and Evaluation of the Ethosuximide Oral Immediate Release Tablets. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1807-1813.