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There was a significant evidence that there are several of the medicinal plants encompass the prospective to treat cardiovascular disease. In this study, Doxorubicin is used as an effectual induction of cardiotoxicity and heart malfunction in the taken experimental rats which is an anthracycline chemotherapeutic mediator used to the treat of a wide variety of malignancies. To examine the shielding property of ethanolic flower extract of clitoraternatea  (EECT) scheduled doxorubicin(DOX) persuaded cardiotoxicity via albino wistar rats,through inspect the enzymatic,non-enzymatic antioxidant position,serum enzyme and Histopathology tissue.Experimental rats been provoked cardiotoxicity by means of a generous single dose of doxorubicin (15mg /body weight ) and treated orally through an ethanolic extract of clitoraternatea (EECT)  for 14 days (100 mg/kg bw, 200 mg/kg bw and 300mg/kg bw,n=5).On15 days, the rats are sacrificed by treated through Ketamine –Xylazine,Biochemical as well as histological remarks of the heart tissues had carry out. Cardiotoxicity had been calculated throughout to establish the cardio marker enzyme levels such as (LDH) Lactic acid dehydrogenase,(CK-MB) Creatinin kinase and (AST) Aspartate transaminase at the finish of the study. Managementthrough EECT of 200mg/kg and 300mg/kgconsiderablyreduced the levels of cardiac marker enzymes(p<0.05), and as wellminimize the decrease of weight of the heart of DOX treated group. In heart tissue superoxide dismutase, glutathione and catalase heightsbe significantly greater than before and lipid oxide peroxide (LPO) significantly decreased in the extract (200 &300 mg /kg bw) treated rats when compared to DOX treated with the significance of  P< 0.05. There was no significant recovery of the 100 mg/kg of EECT. These results will suggested that EECT having potential anti-cardiotoxic effects induced by Doxorubicin by preventing oxidative injure provoke by DOX in heart of taken experimental animals.


Antioxidant enzymes clitoraternatea Doxorubicin Histopathology

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A, T., S, D., A, M. S., G, G., & S, R. (2020). Cardioprotective Effect of Ethanolic Flower Extract of ClitoriaTernatea on Doxorubicin Induced Cardiotoxicity in Rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1604-1611.