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Cancer is a life-threatening disease and is a major economic burden to families in India. Assessment of the utilization of anticancerdrugs promotes rational in using drugs.The main objective of the study was to identify theprevalence of various types of cancers, analyzing the prescribing patterns of anticancer drugs in cancer centers atthe tertiary care government hospital of Telangana. It was aProspective and observational study carried out in hospitals ofTelangana for a period of six months, which includes 300 patients. All the patients with respective to age, sex, diagnosis, and treatment, who were on anticancer prescription and were willing to give consent, were included in the study.Among 300 patients selected in our study, 111 (37 %) were males, and 189 (63 %) were female patients.170 (56.66 %) cancer cases were evident between 71 to 80 years of age. Hypertension is the major comorbidity observed in 68 cancer patients.54 drugs were prescribed for different cancers patients in our study.  The most commonly used class of anticancer agents wastyrosine kinase inhibitors (10drugs), monoclonal antibodies (10 drugs). 33 female patients were suffering from breast cancer, and Lungs cancer was found in 44 patients. Carboplatin was given to 30 (10%) patients, followed by Chlorambucil to 27 patients (9%).Assessment of utilization of Anticancer Drugs promotes education to a physician for rational drug use and can give better health care and also cost-effective treatment.


Antineoplastic drugs Carcinoma Prescription analysis

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Praveen Kumar T, Nadeem Ahmed, Sravan Kumar B, & Chinna Eswaraiah M. (2020). Assessment of utilization of anticancer drugs in cancer centre at tertiary care hospitals in Telangana region. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1562-1570.