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This was a preliminary study to develop a biodegradable membrane from silkworm Bombyx.mori. The silk fibroin membrane prepared was analyzed for tensile strength and used in patients with grade II furcation defects, which was compared with collagen membrane. Though collagen is the gold standard, it has disadvantages, one of them being slow biodegradability. Hence this research was carried out to see if silk fibroin was good as a regenerative material in providing bone fill in the furcal area. As it is commonly accepted that treatment in the furcal area is better with bone graft and GTR membrane compared with just bone graft and flap surgery, this clinical trial with a common bone graft was carried out in addition to barrier membrane, which were of different sources. The patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria were randomized into test and control sites. The test sites received bone graft(colocast) and silk fibroin membrane while the control site received bone graft(colocast) and collagen membrane(cologide). The bone fill was analyzed radiographically using AUTOCAD software 2017. The results of the study showed that both the sites did not show any adverse effects, but improvement were noted clinically and radiographically. Radiographically significant improvement was seen in silk fibroin sites indicating that silk fibroin with bone graft would be better as a regenerative material.


Bone Fill Collagen Membrane Grade II furcation Silk Fibroin Membrane Xenograft

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Archana R Sankar, Sheela Kumar Gujjari, Kulkarni PK, & Akhila AR. (2020). Development of biodegradable silkworm cocoon derived silk membrane for GTR in the treatment of grade II furcation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1551-1561.