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Cassia absus (Linn)Cassia absus(Linn) (family Fabaceae ) is generally known as “chaksu ” inan ayurvedic traditional system.The current study,aerial parts of different concentrates(Pet.ether, ethyl acetate and methanol) of Cassia absus, was evaluated for its in-vitro antioxidant potential byDiphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical,nitric oxide activity andtotal antioxidant activitytaking ascorbate as the standardfor all the three methods. The IC50 value was originated that methanolic concentrates of Cassia absusmore efficient inDiphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical,nitric oxide activity, total antioxidant activitycompared EA&PEconcentrates.The methanolic concentrates of Cassia absus& ascorbic acid exhibited antioxidant potential possessing IC50230µg/ml &130µg/ml (Nitric oxide). 205µg/ml &57µg/ml (total antioxidant),195µg/ml & 66µg/ml (Diphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical)respectively. The difference in the scavenging potential of the extracts can be due to variation in the percentage of bioactive compounds present in different solvents. Invitroantioxidant studiesobviouslyshow the methanolic concentrates of Cassia absushave better antioxidant activity. This result indicates that aerial parts of methanolic concentratesCassia absuscould serve as a natural antioxidant, which may be useful in preventfree radical-induced diseases.


Cassia absus DPPH radical Nitric oxide radical scavenging total antioxidant

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Mythri M, Sanal Dev K T, & Kottai Muthu A. (2020). Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of various extracts of aerial parts of Cassia absus: An in-vitro techniques. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1545-1550.