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Pharmaceutical packing is one of the markets throughout the world that is progressing at continuous pace. It’s predictable that market can grow to price $78.79 Billion by 2018. Packaging may be a key available for sale, protection and accomplishment. Like different grocery, prescribed drugs packaging got to be in such a fashion that it'll give quick packaging, safety, identification, goods superiority, patient safety, display and desires of security. Packaging is an art of science where several considerations are involved from the basic development of the design and the technology implemented to pack the product without any instability and providing protection, presentation and observance of manufactured goods during transportation, storage until it reaches the Consumed. Packaging technician design containers which would maintain the physiochemical, and biological stability about the drug and package would be able to withstand the pressures that would be inflicted the entire supply and transport process. Advancement in analysis of prescribed drugs development had perpetually being obsessed with the packaging skill. Maintaining truthfulness of prescribed drugs throughout storing, cargo and transport is guaranteed by quality of packing available. This current evaluation provides an in depth study of the pharmaceutical packaging trends and forecasting the packing outcomes in future.


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Parameshwarappa Rajendra Patel, Gowrav M P, Borra Vamsi, & Hemanth kumar S. (2020). A Review on Modern Drug Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industries. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1486-1492.