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The aim of the present work is to develop polymeric nanoparticles using Modafinil to improve its solubility, thereby increasing its bioavailability. Ionic-Gelation method has been employed for the preparation of nanoparticles using chitosan, a natural polymer, and TPP, a cross-linking agent. In this method, the drug is mixed with a polymer and maintained at a pH between 4.5 - 5.5, and the solution of TPP is added to the polymer-drug mixture under magnetic stirring. The size of nanoparticles prepared by this method usually ranges from      1-1000 nm. The reduction in the size of particles directly enhances the solubility of drug that increases its bioavailability. Nine formulations (F1-F9) of nanoparticles were optimized by varying the concentrations of chitosan and TPP. Prepared nanoparticles were evaluated for size, zeta potential, PDI, and drug content. Formulation F9 with 0.25% of chitosan & 0.5% of TPP concentration has been chosen as best formulation and lyophilized to obtain solid nanoparticles. The obtained nanoparticles loaded with modafinil are used for the preparation of tablets, and the in-vitro dissolution characteristics are compared with the marketed tablet of modafinil. in-vitrocharacteristics of tablets with modafinil loaded polymeric nanoparticles showed improved solubility than a marketed tablet.


Chitosan Ionic Gelation Modafinil Polymeric nanoparticle TPP

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Balachandar K, & Subramanian S. (2020). Enhancement of solubility and bioavailability of modafinil using nanoparticles. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 1358-1367.