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Blood plasma is a transparent liquid that tends to yellow. Blood plasma is the intravascular part of extracellular fluid. Blood plasma accounts for about 55% of the total blood volume in the human body. Blood plasma plays an important role in the transmission of water, salts and nutrients such as sugars, vitamins, hormones and others. Passing us age and time was running out for good and no matter how hard we try to keep ourselves and our bodies remain scars age in our faces and bodies we really unavoidable, no escape, one of the ladies afraid from the effects of age and scars on her face and feared that her skin is wrinkled and show traces of age with time for that decision GR LIPA. He was to quit laughing and smiling just for fifty years didn't laugh once lest it appear wrinkled Maybe succeeded with that plan barely, but you deserve to pay the price for happiness laughed and fear of wrinkles and skin youthfulness and lost their shape and slightly slicked and sagging occurs in some places such as swell and lose the whiteness of it and be pockets in our faces and science we find other ways Effective. It seems that the decision was made on this issue since the plasma facial cosmetic world needles to make it jump out to us the results weren't dreaming about her other start.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Blood Plasma Growth factor

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