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Urinary diseases are very common in our society which system constitutes kidneys ureters urinary bladder and urethra various abnormalities occur in these organs due to many reasons like infection inflammation metabolic abnormalities neoplastic changes trauma etc. these abnormalities lead to various physical problems ending into death many times the abnormalities of urinary system can be diagnosed by hematological examination urine analysis radiological examination and histopathological examination especially radiological examination provide wide range of diagnosis of disease of urinary system of almost all origin although various radiological technique like X-ray (plain and contrast) Ultrasonography CT scan MRI and many others are available but in present study X-ray (plain and contrast ) and ultrasonography were used for diagnosis of disease of urinary system because of its easy availability and affordability the diseases of urinary system has been described under the name of Mutrakrichha and Mutraghata  in ayurveda these two conditions are in fact group of clinical entities in which urination is difficult and retention is present respectively further they are divided into various subtypes these conditions resembles clinically with various types of urinary diseases early diagnosis has been the always advocated by ayurveda by virtue of this prevention and management becomes easy in the present study written informed consent has been taken from all the patients early detection of these conditions facilitates the management otherwise renal failure may complicate the condition


X-ray Ultrasonography Urinary diseases Renal failure Ayurveda

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Amit Kumar Singh, Mishra S.S., & Arun Kumar Dwivedi. (2020). Observational Study to evaluate the role of Ultrasonography and X-Ray in Urinary Disease. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 1206-1209.