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CAB coronary artery Blockage is a main difficulty; this causes the heart problems. Different models are utilized to diagnosis the CAB as well as a category of heart problems. This work involves the heart surgery operations & very fast diagnosis. This research just requires the heart images i.e., CT-angiography images. Speed and real diagnosis are possible with technical Image processing (TIP) with the use of ML (Machine Learning) algorithm. With the help of RFO-DT (random forest optimization decision Trees) based, TIP and ML are used to detect the ROH (region of a Heart problem). Entire work consists of 2 stages; at first pre-processing is performed and the second stage DT is extracted, probability values are calculated performed the RFO-DT-ML model. Coronary artery is the main tissue in the heart, so it needs more concentration; normal scanning procedures are not sufficient, so CTA is necessary. In this, data sets are collated from the IEEE data house website. Conventional methods like GA, DE, and GWO are not efficient for heart functionality assessment for coronary artery disorders findings. If a patient with heart diseases have a problem for fast disease findings. So Fast and accurate disease finding models are required; therefore, this model i.e., RFO with AI, gives the best diagnosis results with accuracy.   Finally, the design has been done and progressed by 4.766% OV, OF by using 6.5%, OT by 2.5%. These are efficient results.


DT ML CAB heart attack

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Saikumar K, Rajesh V, Hasane Ahammad S K, Sai Krishna M, Sai Pranitha G, & Ajay Kumar Reddy R. (2020). Cab for Heart Diagnosis with RFO Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 1199-1205.