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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a female reproductive defect with a prevalence rate of 2.2% to 26% in the world and Indian adolescents at a rate of 9.13%. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a heterogeneous endocrine syndrome related to increase in the secretion of hyperandrogenemia with increasing risk of hyperinsulinism, type 2 diabetes mellitus, Hirsutism dyslipidemia, cardiovascular diseases and finally leading to an endometrial tumor. The endocrine hormones are regulated by various factors like environment, photoperiod, ambient temperature, relative humidity availability of food, etc. Cynodon dactylon or Bermuda grass is seen all over the world. C. dactylon is a stoloniferous, hardy perennial grass, very much variable with long rapid growing, rooting at nodes, forming a dense tuft on the top of the soil.C.dactylon plant was collected and 100gm of plant powder was mixed with 1,000ml of distilled water and heated till boiling temperature. The mixture was filtered and lyophilization. All the animals were induced for PCOS by giving Letrozole with an oral feeding needle for 21 days and the vaginal smear was examined to confirm PCOS.From 22-42 days, the animals were treated with the drug and Metformin. The animals were divided with four groups as Control, Induced group, treatment group with 500 mg/kg (Cynodon dactylon ), and Referral group 100mg/kg (Metformin). After 24hr of the last dose, the animals were sacrificed. Blood and tissue were collected for analysis. IGF-1R. LEPTIN is a gene which mainly acts on the hypothalamus in regulating the gonadotropin release hormone and gonadotropin secretion it regulates the energy level and adipose tissue storage in the body. SIRT1 is a nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide which increases the insulin sensitivity and decreases insulin resistance by modifying the insulin signal transduction pathway.The gene expression LEPTIN, IGF-1R, SIRT1 shows clearly, the reversal of the animal to normal condition is mainly due to the antihyperlipedemic and antidiabetic activity of the plant.


Cynodon. dactylon IGF-1R Letrozole LEPTIN Polycystic ovarian syndrome SIRT1

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Anandaramajayan Nallathambi, & Rajesh Bhargavan. (2020). Expression of IGF-1R, SIRT1, and LEPTIN in the therapeutic effect of Cynodon.dactylon in Letrozole induced PCOS rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 1149-1154.