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        In this particular review, it is been noted that Dendrimers are novel three-dimensional globular nano-polymeric structure; having multiple functional groups on the surface enhances their function. Synonymous terms for dendrimer include arborols and cascade molecules. The importance of dendrimers in a large variety of fields has been detected, where the various types of dendrimers helps in various fields of drug delivery with the different types of dendrimers with the generation. Hence the dendrimer gains more attention from researchers among various nano-materials. Convenient synthesis of the structure makes them as a good nano-material for drug delivery. In recent, dendrimers showed their activity in different drug delivery systems having properties like cancer targeting, anti-bacterial, ocular drug delivery, etc.. The future direction about the dendrimers are been discussed. The present review is focused on types of dendrimers like Polypropylene Imine dendrimer (PPI), Poly(amidoamine) dendrimers (PAMAM), Poly-l-lysine dendrimers, Type of Frechet’s dendrimer, Core-shell tecto dendrimers, Chiral dendrimers, Liquid crystalline dendrimers, Peptide dendrimers, Multiple antigen peptide dendrimers, Glyco-dendrimers, Hybrid dendrimers, Polyester dendrimers in which among these type of dendrimers, the Polypropylene Imine dendrimer (PPI) and Poly(amidoamine) dendrimers are found to be good carriers for various targeting site, Dendrimers are synthesized through various methods like  Divergent method, Convergent method, Hyper cores and branched monomer growth method, Double exponential growth method, Click chemistry method, recent advances in dendrimers are used in the Anti-cancer delivery, Anti-bacterial delivery, oral route delivery, pulmonary drug delivery, transdermal drug delivery, ocular delivery, and targeted drug delivery the safety aspects, and future strategies are also been discussed in the below article.


Dendrimers Arborols Cascade nano polymeric structure

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Chirag M, Gowda D V, Sathish Babu, & Famna Roohi N K. (2020). A Comprehensive review on Dendrimers in current advanced Drug delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 1055-1066.