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Menopause is described as the point of time when the last menstruation occurs in a woman. This is the period during which changes in the bleeding patterns due to alterations in the hormone levels were noticed. Due to alterations in these hormone levels, physical as well as mental health changes occur in women resulting in menopausal symptoms. Hence, this study was conducted to analyze the impact of counseling on MHS of postmenopausal women. This simple prospective interventional study was conducted in the Gynecology department of Tertiary Care Hospital for a period of 4 months in 200 patients divided into two groups. Mental health status (MHS) scores were calculated by using a validated questionnaire. Statistically significant difference in the score of baseline MHS was found between the two groups. Reduction in the score of MHS was seen in both the groups after counseling. Thus, this study revealed that providing counseling to postmenopausal women has positive impact on their mental health. Therefore, rendering effectual and repeated counseling to menopausal women depends on their need assist in leading a happy moreover healthy life.


Post menopause Estrogen deficiency Mental health Counseling

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Deekshitha P, Dhivya K, Lakshmi Prasanna S, & Anusha T. (2018). Impact of pharmacist provided counseling on mental health status of postmenopausal Women. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(1), 109-114. Retrieved from