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Biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS) class IV compounds, exhibits low solubility, intestinal permeability and oral bioavailability among all the pharmaceutical class of drugs. Therefore, these drugs need a more compatible and efficient delivery system. Since, their solubility in various mediums will remains a limitation. Hence, the mesoporous Nanomatrix approach may prove to be a suitable solution ahead. Therefore, in the present study, the polymer-coated mesoporous material like Sylysia 350, Carbon, Tin Oxide are opted for the BCS class IV drug like Apixaban to attain higher solubility and dissolution.  The prepared Nanomatrix was evaluated for its particle size, DSC, Solubility and dissolution studies. For this study, Apixaban was opted for formulating Sylysia 350, Carbon, Tin Oxide based Mesoporous Nanomatrix system. Nanomatrix was prepared by the Amorphous solid dispersion method using probe sonication. The mesoporous Nanomatrix of Apixaban showed improvement in the solubility in water by approx.7 folds when Apixaban used in combination with Sylysia 350 and Polymer HPMC K15M.  From the present study, we can conclude that the optimized Apixaban mesoporous Nanomatrix may prove to be a suitable potential option for solubility enhancement, increase in-vitro drug release and effective delivery of BCS class IV drugs.


Apixaban Solubility enhancement Mesoporous Sylysia 350 Nanomatrix

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Asati Amit V, Salunkhe Kishor S, Chavan Machindra J, Chintamani Ravindra B, & Rajput Singh Rudra Pratap. (2020). Solubility enhancement of BCS classified IV drug - Apixaban by preparation and evaluation of Mesoporous Nanomatrix. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 880-890.