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The current work focuses on new architecture, synthesis of coumarin-oxadiazole hybrid derivative products as both these (coumarin ring and oxadiazole) have a wide variety of biological behavior, Compounds containing the nucleus of coumarin (2H-1-benzopyran-2-one) are an interesting class of hetero cycles which hold an important role in the field of natural ingredients and synthetic organic chemistry.    It has been exciting medicinal chemists to study native coumarins or synthetic analogs for their application for decades. And they can be further modified to synthesize more effective and potent drugs. Compounds have been characterized by spectrophotometry of physicochemical properties and their structures verified by infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (1H-NMR) Such new derivatives of coumarinyl-oxadiazole was qualified to estimate the lethal dose, anticancer, anticoagulant and antioxidant activity. Their pharmacological properties depend on their pattern of substitution, compound S4F proved significant anticoagulant activity in concentration (50, 100, 200 mg/ml) similar for heparin, and monitor the coagulation effect on plasma, while compound S4CO give significant anticancer activity against MCF-7 a breast cancer cell. Specific compounds have strong antioxidants with the effective action of radical scavengers; the S4Cl compound with IC50 1.49 is the most potent antioxidant activity note. Basically, all the formulations tested reported satisfactory behavior. The review shows that varieties of coumarin derivatives have synthesized and shown anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-coagulant potentials. These derivatives synthesis and its biological assay can be further modified in the future to improve the anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anticoagulant potentials of the versatile coumarin nucleus.


Coumarin derivatives 1 3 4- Derivatives of Oxadiazole Biological activities Coumarin- Oxadiazole derivatives

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Sanaryh Mohammed Al-awad, Leaqaa Abdalredha raheem, & Ausama Ayob Jaccob. (2020). Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Coumarin Derivatives. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 865-874.