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Skin is an ectodermal derivative that maintains internal homeostasis of the body. Any damage to the skin like burn injury internal homeostasis is lost, resulting in delayed healing. The aim is to study the histoarchitecture comparative effect of silver nitrate gel, and BMSCs (DDP) on third-degree burns in Wistar rats. A burn wound of size 2.5 cm (length) x 2.5 cm (breadth) x 6 mm (depth) was created using a preheated metal plate on flanks of Wistar rat. Every burn wound was treated with silver nitrate gel (commercially available as silverex), bone marrow differentiated dermal precursors, and monitored for 1, 7, 14, 21 days until wound healing. Wound surface area was measured and compared among groups with histological and gross observations. The healing time was faster in bone marrow differentiated dermal precursors (DDP) group compared to control. Prolonged silver nitrate gel usage heals burn wound with no infection, but silver toxicity was noted. Wound contraction is slower but steady using bone marrow differentiated dermal precursors (DDP) cell when compared to the group treated with silver nitrate gel. The data from this study help use to use bone marrow differentiated dermal precursors (DDP) cells as an alternate and effective way to treat burn wounds.


Burn Bone marrow differentiated dermal precursors (DDP) Silver nitrate gel

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Balaji K, Perumal Saraswathi, Prabhu K, Shila Samuel, Melani Rajendren, & Siva T. (2020). Comparative Study of Effect of Silver Nitrate Gel and Differentiated Dermal Precursors (BMSCs) on Third Degree Burn in Wistar Rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 200-206.