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The purpose of the contemporary in vitro work implemented was to examine the antioxidant effect of Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens methanol extractsMethanol extracts of Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens were screened individually for different in vitro antioxidant activity. Commercial antioxidants such as vitamin E, Ascorbic acid were used as reference standard. For ABTS+ assay IC50 value of Bougainvillea glabra & Mucuna pruriens metha­nol extract were found to be 17.1μg/ml and 23.2μg/ml correspondingly. Likewise, the IC50 values for xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity for Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens was found to be 46.7μg/ml and 95.1μg/ml, respectively. For scavenging of various assay models like nitric oxide, hydroxyl and superoxide anion scavenging activity, the IC50 values for Bougainvillea glabra were found to be 45.3μg/ml, 70.1μg/ml and 38.1μg/ml respectively. The IC50 values for Mucuna pruriens for nitric oxide, hydroxyl and superoxide anion scavenging activity, were found to be 92.1μg/ml, 43.4μg/ml and 50.3μg/ml respectively. Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens methanol extracts showed 50 % inhibition effect at concentrations 118 μg/ml and 121 μg/ml respectively for lipid peroxidation assay. The IC50 values for DPPH scavenging assay for Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens was found to be 13.24μg/ml and 14.4μg/ml correspondinglyFor DMPD assay Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens possess the IC50 value 16.34 μg/ml and 17.4 μg/ml correspondingly. Methanol extracts of Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens exhibited potent in vitro antioxidant activity.


Bougainvillea glabra Mucuna pruriens Methanol extracts lipid peroxidation DPPH scavenging assay

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GopiKrishna Rakam, & Raja Sundararajan. (2020). In vitro antioxidant activity of Bougainvillea glabra and Mucuna pruriens. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 806-812.