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Cancer refers to any of countless infections characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and can invade and destroy normal body tissue. Malignant growth frequently can spread all through your body. Cancer is the second driving reason for death on the planet. In this paper, we propose to found a H-cell to screen carcinogenic cells in a given sample of blood based on the principle of diffusion. This model incorporates the planning of a MEMS-based microfluidic channel to screen and recognize different cells depending on the size and various characteristics of the cells. Some of the methods which are implemented not efficient models for cancer cells detection in blood. The mass, displacement technique has been implemented in this investigation for cancer cell detection, with the help of this achieves the accuracy and better throughput. One cancer cell contains = 1.70371e-24 mass, such that with a weight of this formula, find out the total no of cells in the blood. This is the best method compared to existed methods. Using this count, the weight has been calculate early-stage cancer and treatment with a simple manner, CTCs in the blood is the un potential matter for health, H-cells have been measured with proposed weight and force technique such that in this investigation also calculate the healthy and cancer cells also. Finally, using this methodology achieves 93.58% accuracy, 0.00124 MSE. These are very good results compared to conventional methods.


Diffusion Cancer Laminar Flow Size Blood

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Syed Shameem, RamaKrishna T V, Sahithi M, Rohitha B, Keerthana J, Hasane Ahammad Sk, Srinivas Babu P S, & Saikumar K. (2020). Design of MEMS-based Microfludic Channel to Detect Cancer Cells in Blood. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 561-566.