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Medical    Image processing has tremendous applications in medical diagnosis. This broadsheet offerings the idea of a fusion of MRI(Magnetic Resource Imaging)-CT (Computed tomography) using Coverlet wavelet transform(CWT), which is used to find the disease location in an image. In the Medical field, CT provides maximum information on denser tissue with less amount of distortion and higher resolution images. Whereas, on the other hand, MRI provides information on softer tissue with much distortion. However, both are similar; the main difference lies where CT uses X-rays to produce images while MRI uses radio-Waves to produce images. This paper presents a fusion by concatenating of images using a coverlet wavelet transform technique.  The presentation is estimated on the source of locating the disease in the resultant image. In this research, various image type like MRI, CT, PET, ECT, SPECT models has been collected and apply the fusion process such that calculate the performance analysis parameters like SSIM, PSNR, entropy, CWT, etc. this research consist of processing and classification in the step -1 process the image with fusion model has been implemented, for classification estimate the samples with probabilistic functions. Finally calculated the parameters for disease finding and location estimation such that this research is helpful for disease location estimation and finding. At final achieves the better outcomes compared to existed methods.


Medical Image fusion MRI CWT (coverlet wavelet transform) Entropy PSNR (peaks to signal noise ratio) SSIM

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Syed Inthiyaz, Hasane Ahammad Sk, Praveen SR Konduri, Apoorva Inani, Nagineni Risthitha, Dhiraj V, Siva Kumar M, & Saikumar K. (2020). A novel approach of MRI-CT Image fusion using CWT for finding Disease location. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 497-506.