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Coronary blockage of an artery (CBA) is a fundamental problem cause of heart attacks. There are different techniques used to diagnosis this CBA as like other category of heart diseases. In this research, open heart surgery operation and quick diagnosis have been analyzed. This CBA diagnosis & operation requires clear images of heart i.e., CTA pictures. Fast and reliable detections are possible with professional image processing techniques (IMT) with the help of Artificial intelligence algorithms (AIA).  By the help of Decision Tree (DT) based IMT and “AIA” is used to find the region of heart image CBA diagnosis with a concentration of determination. Total work contains two stages; 1st is pre-processing means image processing training 2nd is decision step, in this extraction, and statistical calculations are performed using the DT-AIA model. Implementation has been achieved and progressed by using 4.766% OV, OF by using 6.5%, OT by means of 2.5%, AI with the aid of 0.21% these are very good results.


COAB heart diagnosis Artificial intelligence CT CTA

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Saikumar K, & Rajesh V. (2020). Coronary blockage of artery for Heart diagnosis with DT Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 471-479.

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