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The present research included the evaluation of the efficiency of organic solvent extracts (hexane, ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol) separately using ppm (100, 250, 5001500, 1000, 2000) concentrations of Datura innoxia leaves. In the non- cumulative and cumulative mortality of the immature stage of Culex quinquefaciatus Say mosquitoes where LC50 and LC90 by probit analysis were estimated. The hexane extract of the leaves D.innoxia plant was the most affected hexane extract was the most effective of ethyl acetate and ethyl alcohol in the non-cumulative mortality of the immature instar where LC50 for egg mortality was (1495.8, 1727.2, 2199.9) ppm for hexane extract, ethyl acetate and ethyl alcohol respectively  For the four larva linstar, the first larval instar were the most sensitive of the larval instar of all extracts The hexan extract was LC50(245.8, 301.1, 418.4, 1128.6) PPM The ethyl acetate extract was LC50 (246.9, 375.3, 622.6, 1188.2) ppm for the four larvae instar respectively. The LC50 for ethyl alcohol extract (332.4, 568.5 1004.7, 1446.6) ppm. In instar pupa, the value of LC50 (1146.5, 1179.6, 1249.6) ppm for hexane extract, ethyl acetate and ethyl alcohol, respectively. As for the cumulative depreciation, the cumulative mortality rate of the immature stage reached 100% at the concentration of 2000ppm and for all organic solvents compared to the control, which was limited to (8-17) %.


Datura innoxia insect Culex quinquefasciatus mortality

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Wassen Ali Adday, & Mohammed Ridha Annon. (2020). Biological Effective of organic solvent extracts of Datura innoxia Leaves in the Cumulative and Non-cumulative for mortality of Immature insect Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera : Culicidae). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 452-459.