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Despite the well-established evidence of health benefits of moderate dose physical activity, there are evolving evidences which suggest that a high dose of long duration excessive physical activity may be associated with adverse health effects like dehydration, hyponatremia, exertional heat illness, musculoskeletal trauma, immune and hormonal deregulation, metabolic derangements, CV stress disorders, etc.  However, ancient scholars of Ayurveda have well documented the harmful biological effects of excessive exercise (Ativyayama) and considered it under the category of etiological factors of several disorders. Various clinical conditions have been mentioned in which exercise is contraindicated or should be avoided. The harmful effect of excessive physical activity (Ativyayama) described by Ayurveda scholars are thirst (Trishna), altered taste perception, nausea (Aruchi), vomiting (Charddi), dizziness, exercise-related syncope (Bhrma), exertion (Shrma), cough (Kasa), dysponea (Svasha), injury in the chest (Ksata), weight loss (Kshaya), bleeding disorders (Raktapitta), cachexia (Sosha), exercise-induced heat injury, fever (Jvara), exertional dysponea in asthamatics (Pratamak svasha). Ayurveda scholars have described Physical activity (Vyayama ) in Daily routine (Dincharya), and advocated to performed daily in moderate-intensity only, to get the beneficial effects while the severe grade of exercise is contraindicated. It should be performed after considering the age, diet, season, psychosomatic constitution, psychological state, physiological state of females, disease state, treatment procedures, etc. There are very few recent scientific studies on type and dose of exercise in view of the above-mentioned factors by Ayurveda scholars as per the health state or particular type of disorders and its stage. So it is highly needed to appreciate the perspective of Ayurveda scholars in research, which will be helpful in exploration of a dose of physical activity in the form of mild, moderate and severe grade and its overall effect on health to ascertain that how much activity is needed to get the optimal health benefits.


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Vandana Verma. (2020). Ayurveda Explorations on Consequences of Excessive physical activity (Ativayayama) and Dose of Physical activity. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 445-451.