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The effect of ten different chemical compounds (comprised of carbohydrates, nutrients and nanoparticles) were tested against the swarming phenomenon of clinical isolates that belong to Proteus spp. The responsible gene of swarming RsbA was detected by PCR at 310 pb in size. The results were appeared Starch, Peptone, indomie (commercial local noodles) additives, yeast extract, and glucose had shown stimulatory effect on swarming diameter of P. mirabilis. The carbohydrates used in the experiment were starch, sucrose, lactose and glucose. The largest swarming diameter of the test culture occurred in the presence of glucose due to its stimulatory effect. However, sucrose and lactose showed an inhibitory effect on swarming of the test culture. On the other hand, starch had different effects according to its concentration; it showed an inhibitory effect at 1% and 2%, while it stimulated the swarming at 5 % concentration. Comparatively, when test culture grown on MacConkey agar, swarming did not occur due to the inhibitory role of bile salt and crystal violate. The yeast extract and indomie additives were stimulators for swarming with increased concentration, while Peptone showed moderate effects and red pepper powder had an inhibitory effect on swarming. This study was aimed to isolate and investigate the effect of some chemical and nutrient compounds on swarming phenomenon of P. mirabilis that allows the microorganism to invade human urinary tract and cause infection. We can concluded that Red pepper as natural alternative of antibiotics could be employed in the treatment of patients diagnosed with UTI caused by P. mirabilis due to its inhibitory role on the swarming action. However, consuming indomie noodles with its additives may have a stimulatory effect on swarming which may allow P. mirabilis to reach and colonize other sites of urinary tract and cause infection.


Proteus mirabilis swarming indomie carbohydrates red pepper

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TahreerHadi Saleh, SabaTalib Hashim, Salma Nassrullah Malik, & Bahaa Abdullah Laftaah AL-Rubaii. (2020). The impact some of nutrients on swarming phenomenon and detection the responsible gene RsbA in clinical isolates of Proteus mirabilis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 437-444.