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The microbial infections have become an important clinical threat that leads to high morbidity and mortality which is mainly due to the development of microbial resistance drugs. The aim of the research was to synthesis silver nanoparticles using Garcinia cambogia extract and to analyse its antimicrobial activity. Silver nanoparticles have a wide role in different fields of technology. The silver nanoparticles act as antibacterial and antifungal agents in biotechnology, bioengineering, textile engineering, water treatment and silver-based consumer products. The silver nanoparticles were synthesised from the plant Garcinia Cambogia using green synthesis technology. The synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Garcinia cambogia plant extract, were characterised by UV spectroscopy and its antibacterial activity checked by disc diffusion method. Silver nanoparticles showed higher zone of inhibition compared to erythromycin and vancomycin that was analysed using disc diffusion method. The results that we obtained proved that silver nanoparticles from Garcinia cambogia exhibited significant antimicrobial activity than natural plant extract.


Silver nanoparticles Garcinia cambogia Green synthesis Vancomycin Antimicrobial activity

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Aishwarya S, Vishnu Priya V, & Gayathri R. (2018). Synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Garcinia Cambogia extract and its an-timicrobial efficacy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(2). Retrieved from

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