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In previous decades, the incidence of oil spills has become frequent throughout the world. The oil spills produce various detrimental effects on aquatic as well as terrestrial ecosystems. The anthropogenic activities are quite responsive for the spillage of oil which has raised various serious threats to all the living beings. It occurs via land runoff, accidental discharge during storage, transportation and bilge discharge etc. The cleanup, recovery and remediation methods for the oil spill are very challenging and complex to execute. Therefore, in the present study main focus is given to some important past oil spills, their fate, and remediation methods.


Oil spills Fate Bioremediation Phytoremediation

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Arpna Kumari, Rajanbir Kaur, & Rajinder Kaur. (2019). A review on fate and remediation techniques of oil spills. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 111-116. Retrieved from