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The terrific increase by the word "modernization" in various fields in the world without boundaries affects the total environmental system, which leads to the emergence of various new diseases in various forms. In that case, cancer is considered as one of such a dreadful disease which is also measured as a leading cause for the death of the people. Even with the advanced treatment of modern medicine in treating cancer and reduce the rate of cancer recurrence using advanced technologies such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy, robotic radiosurgery are still very subjective to the individual, and it causes tremendous side effects to the patient. Alternative medicine plays a vital role in the treatment and management of diseases event before centuries. Many pharmaceutical companies involved in the research development of anticancer properties as a holistic approach in the treatment and management of cancer. Moringa oleifera, traditionally used as food sources, has attracted many researches to evaluate the biochemical properties of medicinal and antioxidant as an antiulcer, antimicrobial, antitumour and anticancer. Each part of the tree is nutritive and personalized selective on phytochemicals as an anticancer drug are essential in treating the cancer cells. Limited knowledge on the cytotoxic activity and therapeutic index of M. oleifera in treating specific types of cancers are still under study by many researchers. However, the molecular analysis of anticancer properties in Moringa oleifera as sustainable preventive and management of cancer therapy still lacking in Malaysia


Moringa oleifera anticancer phytochemicals anti-tumour Antimicrobial

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Sridevi Subramonie, Nagaraja Suryadevara, Balavinayagamani Ganapathy, & Gokila Devi T. (2020). Molecular activities in Moringa oleifera Linn - Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 140-147.