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Cention N, a newer replacement for amalgam used in posterior restoration, has been proven to provide superior aesthetics and better retention in comparison to Amalgam. The study was carried among 150 Undergraduate, Postgraduate Students and staff in Saveetha Dental College. Each student and staff were asked to independently fill the survey, which consisted of questions related to Cention N  being used as a replacement to Amalgam in posterior restorations. This study mainly gave us an idea of the extent of how many dental students and dental practitioners know about  Cention N and it's a progressive increase from dental practitioners to postgraduates when compared to the final years. This can be accredited to increased awareness, knowledge and training into clinical practice and in-depth knowledge into various recent advancements in restorative material. Thought most of the students and staff seemed to be aware of Cention N, very few had used it in the clinical setup for treatment.


Cention Amalgam posterior restorations restoration materials

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Kirtana Gopalasamy, & Manish Ranjan. (2020). Knowledge, Awareness and Perception Of Cention Being Used As A Replacement For Amalgam Restoration. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 7-12.