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The effect of date seeds powder and walnut shells powder on the thermal properties of unsaturated polyester resin was studied after reinforcement with different weight ratios of date seeds and walnut shells powder (1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%), The thermodynamic properties of polyester before and after reinforcement were studied, comparing values ​​of  (Wt%)360 with IDT and CDT values, we found that these values ​​were consistent with CDT and IDT values ​​for all supported polyester composites. The highest percentage for polyester with walnut shells powder (UP + WSP), with Treatment temperatures (24,53°C) did not affect the values ​​of IDT and CDT, while some values ​​increased and some decreased by increasing the processing temperature, where the values ​(Wt%)360, IDT, CDT), ​​increase by increasing the weight ratios of the supported materials for poly ester while the others decreased by increasing the weight ratio. The activation energy was calculated using the Foz equation , E = RTi2 / Wi (dwi/ dTi). The activation energy values ​​of the treated polymer composites at 24°C were often found to be higher than that at 53°C. The activation energy of the date seeds powder -supported polyester was higher than the polyester supported by walnut shells powder and that reinforced by walnut shells and date seeds powder together.


Date seeds powder Gravimetric thermal analysis polymeric composites unsaturated Polyester walnut shells powder

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Ebtehag Z. Sulyman, Amel G. Abed, & Abeer Q. Younis. (2019). Gravimetric and differential thermal analysis and activation energy Studies of unsaturated polyester using date seeds powder and walnut shells. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3811-3821.