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Aim of study to see the association of the presence of DNA fragmentation in males with smoking, low sperm motility, infertility, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Sperm DNA integrity is an important factor in normal fertilization and embryo development. Test for SDF seems to be a good option for the husband of females with unexplained history of recurrent miscarriages or infertility. DNA damage can be induced by environmental mechanisms like smoking.40 males referred to our genetic laboratory for DNA fragmentation test for different causes, we calculate the incidence of SDF among them and evaluate their conditions regarding association with infertility, recurrent abortions, and also we study their age, smoking and sperm count and motility. 27 patients had positive results, so the incidence of DNA fragmentation was 67.5 %. 8 of 27 their age were more than 35years (29.6%).12 of 27 were smokers (44.4%).15 of 27 had sperm count less than 15 million (55.5%).20 patients of these 27 had a history of infertility (74%).7 patients of 27; their wife had a history of recurrent pregnancy loss (25%).DNA fragmentation associated with low sperm count and motility, smoking, and high incidence of infertility and recurrent miscarriages.


DNA fragmentation test Semen Seminal fluid analysis Smoking

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Daad Emad, Nadia Khalil Al-Rawi, & Sallama Hamid Abbas. (2019). Association of sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) with different parameters that may be related to fertility and reproduction. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3782-3788.