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The recent study was planned to determine the acute toxicity study of Apium leptophyllum pers. A single dose of 400,1200,2000 mg/ kg of ethanolic extract of Apium leptophyllum pers according to the OECD guidelines and the dose level was administrated orally into swiss albino mice. Oral administration of maximum level of ethanolic extract of Apium leptophyllum pers upto 2000 mg/kg body weight to experimental group of albino mice was evaluated. Biochemical, haematological  and histopathological parameters were checked throughout the study. Signs of toxicity, mortality and body weight were monitored for 14 days post treatment of Apium leptophyllum pers . There is no substantial variations were noticed in control and treated groups. Result revealed that the ethanolic extract of Apium leptophyllum is safe and no toxicity was caused. 


Apium leptophyllum pers Acute toxicity Ethanolic extract Biochemical parameters Haematology Histopathology

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Siva Ganesh M, & Radhika J. (2019). Acute toxicity study of ethanolic extract of Apium leptophyllum Pers in swiss albino mice. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3750-3754.