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The main objective of this study is to show how both hepatitis B and C Viral Infection in B-Thalassemic patients occurs and a study of their liver functions. To define the occurrence of either hepatitis A or B and C viral infection across the B-Thalassemia key clients/patients in Thalassemia Center of AL-Diwanyia Maternity and Children hospital from 1st. Jan. –  1st.Nov.2017. To carry out the study, it enlisted 54 patients; 31 patients were male (57.4%) in which the male to the female ratio was 01.4:01. Results for this study revealed that 2 patients had Hepatitis B (3.7%), and 6 patients had Hepatitis C (11.1%). The Liver enzymes were significantly more in those patients having either Hepatitis B or C viral infection. According to this study, it was revealed that the occurrence of HBsAg seropositive in B-thalassemic patients was 307%, and Anti-HCV seropositive were 11.1%, and the rate is lower than reported in many countries. The occurrence of Anti-HCV seropositive is higher than that for HBsAg seropositive. Also, the probability of having liver injury was high for thalassemic patients whom were HBsAg positive & Anti-HCV positive than that of seronegative for HBsAg & Anti- HCV.


Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Viral Infection Thalassemia

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Mokhles Mahdi Abolewaikh Almayyahi, & Flayyih Hassan Shnawa Al-Hameedawi. (2019). Hepatitis B and C Viral Infection in B-Thalassemic Children. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3733-3737.