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Two new spectrophotometric methods were developed for the simultaneously estimation of DZP and PRO using the first ratio derivative method (DD1) and the second ratio derivative (DD2). The two methods were succeeded to the estimation of both drugs with a range of concentrations from (5-50 µ, depending on Peak to baseline, peak area, peak to peak at specific wavelengths for each compound. The analytical results and of the estimate of The DZP and PRO showed that Rec% values ranged from 95.04-104.97% and 96.30-104.69, and RSD% were between 0.00948-4.87736 % and 0.1163-3.37655%, for the first and second ratio derivative respectively. The method has been successfully applied to the estimation of both PRO and DZP in its pharmaceuticals forms.


Validation Quantitative Analysis Propranolol Diazipam Ratio Derivative

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Suhad Abdel Moneim Yassin, & Khalaf F Al-Samarrai. (2019). Ratio spectrum derivative quantitative analysis of propranolol and diazipam in combind pharmaceutical mixtures. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3657-3664.