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Children daycare centres have nowadays become a necessity due to the guardians’ job constraint in this modern globalization era. Increasing demand of daycare centres showed ramification on unintentional injuries at the childcare settings. The incidence is becoming more common and this may lead to a lawsuit for negligence. Failure to provide proper first aid response is one of the issues faced by the caregivers. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study investigating the effects of first aid training and certification on knowledge, attitude and confidence (KAC) among childcare providers in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. A self-administered questionnaire was given to 54 Negeri Sembilan childcare providers before and after they received a comprehensive module on the first aid training. The training comprised of three major components; basic life support, trauma injuries and non-trauma injuries. Throughout the training, participants were given a series of lectures, hands-on practicals and small group discussion on specified topics from the module. Overall results showed a significant increase in knowledge, attitude and confidence (p<0.001) after the respondents’ had received the FAT4CP© training.  The first aid training provided to the childcare providers was found effective and had successfully improved their knowledge by 12.5% and their confidence to perform first aid increased by 20.0%. They are now more prepared and efficient at handling any emergency situations at childcare centres. Our results suggested that FAT4CP© training programme was able to increase knowledge, attitude and confidence of childcare providers in Negeri Sembilan to handle emergency cases. Therefore, the programme is suggested to be implemented at all childcare centres in order to improve and sustain the providers’ abilities in handling emergency situations.


Basic life support Childcare Emergency First aid Trauma injuries

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Sahar Azmani, Nadia Mohd Effendy, Izuddin Fahmy Abu, Faizul Helmi Addnan, Mohd Radzniwan A Rashid, Abd Rahman Hayati, Che Ilina Isahak, & Norsham Juliana. (2019). The knowledge, attitude and confidence on first aid response among childcare providers following FAT4CP© training in negeri sembilan, Malaysia. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3600-3607.