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There are various neurological disorders which are clinically diagnosed and treated every day. Focal dystonia's such as Writer’s cramps or musician’s cramps is one such neurological disorder that is not very common, but if remains undiagnosed or not treated appropriately causes severe disability and anxiety to the patient. It not only hampers them emotionally and socially but also leads to professional problems. There are various treatment modalities available. Patients complain of spasm or cramping of muscles, which is sometimes associated with pain and inability to write or play an instrument which he/she used to play perfectly some time ago. Identifying this disorder and treating it in time can benefit the patient to a great extent. Though not a single treatment has turned successful in all patients. Some patients get relieved by behavioural therapy, while others respond to medical treatment.


Dystonia Behavioural therapy Botulinum Toxin Baclofen

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Ghalaut P S, & Meenal Babra. (2019). Writer’s Cramp or Focal Dystonia- Case report of a Rare Neurological Disorder. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3560-3562.