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Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat various bacterial infections by inhibiting their growth. However, antibiotics cannot be administered to an individual who has an antibiotic allergy. The present study is carried out to suggest an alternative treatment for bacteria-causing diarrhea. In this study, we intent to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of crude protein extracts isolated from local edible mushrooms against bacteria-causing diarrhea. Cold aqueous extracts were isolated from selected local edible mushrooms, namely white oyster, grey oyster, white button, and brown button mushrooms. Crude proteins were obtained by ammonium sulfate precipitation at 80% and monitored through a UV-Vis spectrophotometer at 280 nm. Kirby Bauer disk-diffusion method was performed to evaluate the antibacterial activity against E. coli, Salmonella sp. Vibrio cholera and Lactobacillus. The diameter of the inhibition zones were observed and recorded. Both white and grey oyster mushrooms cultivated in Taiping and Cameron Highland were significantly (n=3, p<0.05) inhibited E.coli and Salmonella sp., but least inhibition effect towards V. cholera and Lactobacillus. Meanwhile, white button mushroom was significantly (n=3, p<0.05) inhibited Salmonella sp. better, as compared to brown button mushroom. However, both were effectively killed Lactobacillus. The preliminary results suggested that all crude protein extracts were effectively inhibit the proliferation of selected bacteria-causing diarrhea, thus recommended as an alternative remedy for an antibiotic-allergy individual. 


Malaysia edible mushroom Antibiotic allergy Antimicrobial activity Crude protein Diarrhea.

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Faizan Naeem Razali, Aliff Halil, Ahmad Naeem Mohd Nafi, Muhammad Alif Hakim Kamaruddin, Muhammad Syazwan Noor Azizan, Nazuha Affah Mohd Suldi, Nurliyana Mohd Sobri, & Mazlin Mohideen. (2019). The use of crude protein extracts isolated from local edible mushrooms as an alternative remedy against bacteria-causing diarrhea. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).

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