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Tradescantia fluminensis Vell (Family: Commelinaceae) is an ornamental plant used traditionally to improve the kidney function, as an analgesic and for wound healing. The leaves are reported to possess significant analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and lipoxygenase inhibition properties. Thus far, the pharmacognostic study of the leaves of T. fluminensis has not yet been reported in the literature. The present paper deals with the establishment of standardization parameters through the pharmacognostic study of leaves. Pharmacognostical study included macroscopic and microscopic characters of the leaves. Physicochemical parameters like ash value and extractive values were determined. Preliminary phytochemical screening of various leaf extracts were studied. The macroscopic characters demonstrated simple, entire margin, parallel venation, and alternate phyllotaxis. Microscopic studies revealed the presence of bulliform cells, calcium oxalate crystals, and uniseriate covering trichomes. Conjoint and collateral vascular bundles arranged in a parallel series are seen. Powder microscopic studies showed the presence of paracytic stomata, fragments of mesophyll, fragments of epidermal cells showing palisade cells beneath them, non-lignified phloem fibers, covering trichomes and crystals of calcium oxalate. Preliminary phytochemical studies showed the presence of tannins, flavonoids, and steroids in the leaves. Fluorescence analysis showed typical coloured fluorescence when the extracts were examined under UV light. The study could serve as a basis of establishing pharmacognostic standards for T. fluminensis and help in differentiating from other related species. Further, it will help to authenticate and identify adulteration in the plant material. The diagnostic microscopic characters and physicochemical data will be helpful in the development of the herbal monograph for the species.


Tradescantia fluminensis vell Macroscopy Microscopy Physicochemical parameters , Preliminary phytochemical screening

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Gouri Kumar Dash, Nur Fazzlin Binti Che Hassan, Ravindran Muthukumarasamy, & Mohd Haziq Bin Hashim. (2019). Pharmacognostic study of tradescantia fluminensis vell. Leaves. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).