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Repeated sprint ability (RSA) is typically used for speed-endurance and agility-endurance training and assessment. RSA is preferred as it mimics actual performance during competition. RSA test involves straight sprint and quick turning movements. Thus, the aim of this study is to determine the relationship between height and body weight measurements on RSA performance, as height and weight may influence the mechanical properties of it. Ten male rugby players (body weight 72.99 ± 14.29 kg, height 169 ± 5.55 cm) selected for Perak SUKMA 2018 team were assessed during centralized training ~9 months prior to their competition.  Body weight and height were measured using standard laboratory weight and height scales prior to the RSA test. RSA were hand-timed for 5 repetitions x 2 sets x 60 seconds rest in between repetitions x 5 minutes rest in-between set. The sprints were performed in the evenings, on grass surface with participants wearing full playing attire. Standardized pre-game warm-up and cooling down were performed. Data recorded was analyzed statistically using a t-test comparison for set one versus set two performances. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze the relationship between anthropometric measures and the RSA test. RSA performance has a negative correlation with the athletes’ height (r= -0.233 set 1, r = -0.435 set 2) and body weight (r= -0.556 set 1, r= -0.629 set 2). RSA performance was significantly different between set 1 and set 2 (p=0.001), with set 1 performance better than set 2. Body height and body weight did not influence RSA performance. Athletes involved did not have adequate speed-agility-endurance needed. In practical, selecting athletes based on their body height and body weight with the assumption that taller and heavier athletes may perform better may not be suitable for this kind of sport. On the other hand, using RSA to test and develop the speed-agility-endurance ability for rugby players is suggested.



RSA Sprint Mechanics Speed maintenance Injury risk

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Nor Fazila Abd Malek, Nur Ikhwan Mohamad, Mohansundar Sankaravel2, & Sakinah Mohd Hassan. (2019). Repeated sprint ability (RSA) performance is not related to body height and body weight measurements among perak sukma 2018 male rugby players. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).