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Paper is a material that are produced by pulp that are being compressed, which are one of the leading cause of pollution in an aquatic environment.  The aim of the study was to produce a non-chemical treatment natural paper from pomelo albedo waste.  The Citrus Maxima (Pomelo) albedo wastes were heated in distilled water and converted into pulp.  The pulp was placed in a handmade frame and oven-dried at 60°C for an hour. A paper quality survey was conducted among diploma in pharmacy students (N=36) using a structured interviewing questionnaire. Eighty percent of the respondents agree/strongly agree that different colour of pen, 2B pencil, colour pencil, and crayon can be used as in written or sketch on the albedo pomelo paper. There is no clear tendency to result on the usage of highlighter and correction Tape.  Most of the respondents disagree with smoothness, elasticity, and waterproof of the paper. The Pomelo paper is potential as an alternative eco-friendly natural paper for writing and colouring with different materials. The pomelo paper making process can be shared as an educational kit, especially to children, to expose them on the papermaking process.


Citrus maxima Pomelo Albedo waste Non-chemical Eco-friendly Natural paper

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Nia Camelia, Nur Alissa, Nax Cynosius, Sofia Safee, Muhammad Irfan, Khor Poh Yen, & Seow Lay Jing. (2019). Alternative paper produced from albedo of citrus maxima (POMELO). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).