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This study is conducted to determine the antidiabetic activity capabilities of both aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Senna alata. Route of administration was by oral intubation on diabetic-induced Sprague Dawley rats through single dose intraperitoneal injection of a diabetogenic agent, Streptozotocin 55mg/kg. This study consists of 9 groups with 4 rats each, Group 1 serves as a control group, Group 2 will be treated with a standard antidiabetic drug, Metformin as a positive control, Group 3 acts as a negative control with no treatment, Group 4 to group 6 will be given aqueous extract of doses from 2 to 8g/kg and Group 7 to group 9 were treated with alcoholic extract of the same dosage strength of Group 4 to 6. Group 2 to 9 were fasted prior to the administration of STZ. Blood glucose was measured on the first two days, three times a week after administration of STZ to confirm rats have reached diabetic FBS blood glucose levels of more than 7.5mmol/L. Both aqueous and alcoholic treatments were administrated BID for a duration of 7 days, and blood glucose levels measured at 2-day intervals. There is a significant reduction (P<0.05) in blood glucose levels for Group 6, Group 8, and Group 9 when compared to Group 3 (negative control). Groups that have a significant reduction in blood glucose levels were comparable to Group 2 (positive control) but were still not as efficacious as standard drug Metformin. (p >0.05) These groups are Group 6 (high dose aqueous extract 12g/kg) and Group 9 (high dose alcohol extract 12g/kg). Groups administered with alcoholic extracts were shown to lower blood glucose levels compared to aqueous extracts. The alcoholic extract has exhibited significant higher hypoglycemic effects on STZ induced diabetic rats compared to aqueous extract. No side effects were observed during the course of treatment, even with high dosages.


Senna alata Diabetes Anti-diabetic Aqueous Ethanolic Extract

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SA Abbas, Yeoh KY, Allan Mathews, Ayesha Fatima, & ABM Helaluddin. (2019). Determination of antidiabetic activity of aqueous and alcoholic senna alata leaf extract. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).